Estimated Cost of Being Overweight

The following calculator will show you an estimate of the cost of being overweight.  This varies for each person, depending on how overweight and how being overweight is dealt with but it is a good indication based on a reasonable expectation.  Being based upon an annual estimated cost of being overweight, it does not take any costs associated with the long-term health and other consequences of being overweight into account.

As we know, costs associated with being overweight are constantly increasing so over time, the savings to be gained by becoming your ideal weight now may be even more than this calculator suggests.

How to use the overweight cost calculator

The calculator is set to default settings which will provide an expected estimate of the cost of being overweight by 20kg which would be savings when you Reach Your Ideal Weight.

You are able to enter 2 values which relate specifically to your own personal situation and this will allow you to determine costs/savings that would apply to you.

Once you press the Calculate button it will calculate an estimate of the cost to you should you remain overweight which will also be an estimate of the savings you could expect once you Reach Your Ideal Weight.

The Reset button will return the calculator to the default settings.



It is estimated to cost $x to be overweight for each kilogram (kg) overweight per year
$ Per Day $ Per Week $ Per Month $ Per Year Yearly Equivalent Raise in Salary
Cost of Being Overweight

How much will you save in time by reaching Your Ideal Weight?

1 year 10 years 20 years 30 years 40 years 50 years
Cost of Being Overweight $

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